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With the Old Confeds

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Originally published in 1925, "With the Old Confeds" by Capt. Samuel D. Buck is a narrative of his Civil War service in Co., H., 13th VA Infantry.  He was mustered into the confederate Army in June, 1861, and was appointed Sergeant of the "Boomerangs" and promoted on the battlefield to First Lieutenant and later Captain.  He was struck by bullets four times and recovered three of the balls, one in his arm and two in the blanket which was rolled across his shoulder.  He was in 35 engagements. 

Capt. Buck was a man of courage and loyalty . . . with the ability to use his insights and humility to write this poginant story.  First-person accounts of the Civil War are a gift to the generations who follow.  Buck's narrative is not only generous in revealing the life of a soldier, it is a particularly easy read for those who find the era of interest but are not sudents of this period of America's history. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the preservation of Shenandoah Valley battlefields.