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Two Continents, One Culture: The Scots-Irish in Southern Appalachia

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Early in the seventeenth century, at the behest of the King of England, thousands of Protestant Scots migrated to Northern Ireland and settled on land confiscated from the native Irish. These settlers forged a new culture amidst the resulting turmoil and strife. When the New World beckoned, many of these people crossed the ocean and moved on to the hills and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains. While the isolation of the mountains preserved many of their rural Old World ways, their brethren still in Ireland grew more industrial as time passed. Years removed from the original migrations, authors Brown, Hirschman, and Maclaran examine patterns of consumption to show how the ocean separating these people created only superficial differences. Though inhabiting two different continents, these people, whose ancestors left Scotland for a better life, share a strikingly similar culture.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Hisrchman (Rutgers University School of Business), Stephen Brown (University of Ulster in Northern Ireland), and Pauline Maclaran (Keele University in the United Kingdom).

With many images.