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They Came to Rockingham

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This book, described as a regional history by one publisher, details the lives of Sir Anthony Colelough (1501-1584) and some three hundred other individuals, to the extent to which years of research have revealed their endeavors. Those described represent more than seventy families who ultimately became one Shenandoah Valley family through the parents of the author, James Moore Wilson and Blanche Odessa Miller Wilson.  Summaries of the historical climates and specific events that affected their lives and decisions have been included, whether history found them in Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, the British West Indies, or America. Brief glimpses of simultaneously occurring global events add prespective to their lives. Includes local family names: Miler, Coakley, Driver, Kiracoffe, Gaines, Garber, Vigar.

With images and index.