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Sunrise-Sunset: The Battle of Cedar Creek (A Civil War Novel)

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The Battle of Cedar Creek played out in Sunrise-Sunset

"The October 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek was the most decisive engagement in the Shenandoah Valley. Union commander Philip H. Sheridan had twice defeated Confederate leader Jubal A. Early's forces the previous month. Yet, the determined Confederate general still sought a victor. The economic devastation wrought by the Federals in the Valley compelled Early to bring on a decision quickly or withdr4aw well to the south were he could sustain his force, thus yielding the Valley to Sheridan. Just as the Federals presumed their Valley mission to be accomplished, Early advanced and took up positions at Fisher's Hill while his men probed Federal positions along the north side of Cedar Creek for a vulnerable point.

The complex autumn of 1864 events in the Valley cover a wide area and involve numbers of prominent personalities. It is often easier to comprehend such a mix through fiction soundly based in thorough, meticulous historical research than it is with the desiccated reports and analyses of campaign studies. Steeped in the events, Shuey has brought out the humanity of the participatns, reminding us that events were molded by the fears, hopes, and skills of diverse persons. The accurate narrative gives an idea of the flow of events. At the same time, Shuey's feel for the men involved provides a deeper understanding for the reasons that things happened the way they did. We are reminded that ther is more confusion and chaos in combat than there is logic. It is the story of men doing what they think is best and right that provides the bases for understanding outcomes. Sunrise-Sunset provides a comprehensive, memorable and human overview of this notable battle."  --- Civil War author Joe Whitehorne

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