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Sometimes the Little Town

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Sara Robinson's father, Hobby Robinson, was one of the most significant photographers of the 20th century to be so little well-known, at least outside the Shenandoah Valley of central Virginia. He chronicled over three generations of Elkton townsfolk, compiling and self-publishing nine books. Using his vast collection of photographs, his own and those he obtained, he gave us a people and a place. Sometimes the Little Town is Sara's gift of ekphrastic poetry inspired by the portraits in her father's collection. And like her father's work as a photographer, Sara's poetry is a tribute to little towns everywhere.
"A loving waltz of poetry and photographs of mid-twentieth century life in Elkton, Virginia."
            ~MARTHA H. WOODROOF
              WMRA Public Radio, Producer of 
              The Spark, Author of Small Blessings