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Sheriff From Smoke Hole

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Part 1: Sheriff of Smoke Hole. Estyl Shreve was Sheriff of Pendleton County for a total of 8 years. His life story is told by his brother, who shares intimate details of life in Smoke Hole, West Virginia, back in the 1920s and '30s. The many stories and adventures as Sheriff, some humorous, are always dealt with in a professional manner.

Part 2: "An Ethnic Study of the People of Smoke Hole" reprinted from a manuscript found by Estyl at an estate sale. The Study dates back to the time of the first settlers in Smoke Hole and moves forward to the 1930s. It is written in an interesting manner so that the average reader can truly understand how the closely-knit community evolved.

Part 3: Dateline Smoke Hole consists of articles copied from The Herald, a newspaper that went ouf of buisness in 1933. Included are poems by Andy Ayres and H. M. Calhoun, Sr., along with interesting, informative, and sometimes exciting articles that were of current interest almost 100 years ago.