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Shenandoah Valley Family Data 1799-1813

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"All information of interest to family historians from the German records has been translated and transliterated from Braun's often minute and frequently almost illegible hand. Beyond the materials included in this publication, the Memorandum Book contains many pages of schoolmasters' accounts in English. There are also some scattered entries on such special events as the sighting of a comet on January 7, 1801. Other notes consist of home remedy recipes contributed by church members and friends." - Klaus Wust

From the Memorandum Book of Pastor Johannes Braun - source documentation for confirmations, marriages, and communion records for approximately 1425 persons from Rockingham, Augusta, Greenbrier, Montgomery, and Page Counties, Virginia.  Translated and Annotated by Klaus Wust; Edited in Cooperation with Joseph H. Meyerhoeffer