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Where the River Flows: Finding Faith in Rockingham County, Virginia, 1726-1876
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If the colony of Virginia was England's frontier, the Valley of Virginia was Europe's far-flung border. Filled with settlers moving south from Pennsylvania, New York, and other colonies, the land here was as diverse as any place in America.

To the east of the Blue Ridge, the Church of England would direct and proscribe matters of faith and practice for the majority of Virginians. But beyond the mountains, often settling on the broad meadows which graced the edge of so many streams, were people of different traditions - Baptists, German Reformed, Lutheran, Mennonists, Dunkers, Presbyterians, Inspirationists, Quakers, Separatists, Moravians. As far as the state was concerned, these were "dissenters," those who disagreed with the Anglican church on some point of theology or other. They were tolerated as a welcome buffer against the French and native Americans to the west, yet in time each would lend its own traditions to the growing colony that would in large part shape the future of the new nation to come.

Here is the real, lasting story, a story of faith and commitment, of hope that does not disappoint. It is the story of those who live where the river flows.

Published for the Margaret Grattan Weaver Foundation by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. With index, photos, illustrations, endnotes, and supplemental map. A lovely presentation of history!

With the Old Confeds
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Originally published in 1925, "With the Old Confeds" by Capt. Samuel D. Buck is a narrative of his Civil War service in Co., H., 13th VA Infantry.  He was mustered into the confederate Army in June, 1861, and was appointed Sergeant of the "Boomerangs" and promoted on the battlefield to First Lieutenant and later Captain.  He was struck by bullets four times and recovered three of the balls, one in his arm and two in the blanket which was rolled across his shoulder.  He was in 35 engagements. 

Capt. Buck was a man of courage and loyalty . . . with the ability to use his insights and humility to write this poginant story.  First-person accounts of the Civil War are a gift to the generations who follow.  Buck's narrative is not only generous in revealing the life of a soldier, it is a particularly easy read for those who find the era of interest but are not sudents of this period of America's history. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the preservation of Shenandoah Valley battlefields.

Rockingham: An Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County
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Compiled by Gordon W. Miller, Information Services Librarian, James Madison University, and published under the auspices of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society, 1989.

A bibliography of local history sources designed to assist the beginning researcher in locating material on their topic of interest, as well as to suggest sources for further study to the advanced researcher. Prefaces to the nineteen chapers suggest possible research interests. Chapter subjects: Rockingham County History, Cities and Towns, Education, Religion, Genealogy, Civil War, Rockingham County and War, Business and Industry, ransportation and Communication, Agriculture, Politics and Government, Immigration and Settlement, Social History, Sports/Recreation/Collectgions, Professions, Cultural Activities, Architecture, Physical and Natural, and General Reference.


Contentment and the Pursuit of Ambition: The Grattans and Their Remarkable Women
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The Grattan family included some of the most prominent women in the antebellum South - women who lived, at times, in the Shenandoah Valley. The matriarch of the Grattan family, Catherine Grattan Gamble, was the mother of a First Lady of Virginia, Agnes Gamble Cabell, and the mother of the wife of a United States Attorney General, Elizabeth Gamble Wirt. Catherine's niece Elizabeth "Bess" Grattan married George R. Gilmer and went on to serve as First Lady of Georgia.

The Grattan family history conflicts with generalizations about the antebellum South. Many believe the antebellum world was led by wealthy, wise male aristocrats who were supported by dutiful women, such as wives, servants, and sometimes even mistresses.

Such traditional images don't match aspects of life in the past. Life expectancy in 1900 was only 46 years, and accidents were very common. Almost every antebellum community included widows running farms and businesses - a trend that continued long after the Civil War.

The Grattan family was no exception. The oldest son, John Grattan Jr., was killed in combat by the British during the American Revolution while the youngest was still a child. As a result, many of the Grattan women's activities, such as running a store, managing a mill, and buying merchandise for the store, were driven by necessity. Catherine's significance was also reinforced by ther knowledge of German. In a community with many neighbors of German descent, she negotiated transactions and created much of the family's wealth.

Contentment and the Pursuit of Ambition: The Grattans and Their Remarkable Women reveals generations of strong women able to assume roles normally reserved for men. In discovering the history of the Grattan women, we find overlooked examples of how women shaped American History.

Franklin Bibliography
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A List of Books Written By, Or Relating To Benjamin Franklin By Paul Leicester Ford.  Burt Franklin Bibliography and Reference Series #160.  Burt Franklin, New York.  Originally Published Brooklyn:  1886, Reprinted 1968.

Like new condition.

Farm Tractors 1916-1925
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Journey back through the development of the farm tractor with the second in a series of historical books from Intertec Publishing Corporation.  The I&T Collector's Series - Farm Tractors, 1916-1925, covers the early developmental years of farm tractor evolution.  This historical collection of tractors details virtually all models introduced during the 10 years between 1916 and 1925. In these years, as many tractors were built and sold as occurred in the following thirty years, as depicted in the first book in the I&T Collector's Series - Farm Tractors, 1926-1956.

Intertec Publishing.  Oversized with b&w photos and illustrations.  New condition.

History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey
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With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers.  Compiled by James P. Snell, Assisted by Franklin Ellis and a Numerous Corps of Writers.  Originally published in Philadelphia by Everts & Peck, 1881.  Reprinted, 1976.  Volume I: Hunterdon County, 550 pages; Volume II:  Somerset County, 864 pages. 

Very good condition.  Small number of researchers marks.

Selected Rockingham County Petitions 1800-1850
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"These papers identify a cross-section of interests, problems, concerns, and values held by Rockingham County citizens during the first half of the nineteenth century.  Within the petitions written to the Legislature of Virginia, the reader discovers local interests:  the incorporation of towns, orderly town government, a centrally located state capitol, the rights of freed slaves, lotteries to finance public works, regulation of flour grades for consumer information, a mutual fire insurance company, divorce, and a cemetery for Harrisonburg." - exerpt from Introduction by Nancy D. Stewart.

Over 50 petitions from 1800-1850 served as the basis of a research assignment for Harrisonburg High School students.  A number of the papers' authors won awards in creative writing, history and literary competitions on the state and national level.

Hammond's Edition of 1885 Atlas of Frederick County Virginia
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1997 reprint of An Atlas of Frederick County, Virginia from the 1885 Surveys by J. M. Lathrop and a. W. Dayton. With U.S. History Timeline from 1492 and Map Index. Oversize.

Hammond's Edition of The George Washington Atlas with Additions
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Prior to this printing, the George Washington Atlas had not been printed since 1932. The population was learning less and less about our first President and his accomplishments. Washington's original maps are included along with routes of his travel, including the Central Shenandoah Valley area. The 1932 preface defines why Washington's maps are as important as his writings. With index.


Some Madstones of the Virginias
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A book in the series of Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife. Deals with many facets of life in the 19th and early 20th centuries.