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Portals to the Shenandoah Valley Folkways

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Four well-known experts on the folkways of the Shenandoah Valley have combined their talents to bring this volume to the public.

  • Folklorist John Heatwole describes many fascinating aspects of local folklore, including witches and hexing.
  • Local historian Nancy T. Sorrells brings a view of the role of cattle in Valley life, including cattle drives, and Valley cowboys.
  • Material culture authority, Scott Suter writes on the importance of crafts, especially pottery and basket making, and the response to factory mass production in the early 20th-century.
  • Food historian Danielle Toriskey follows foodways of the Civil War days, including local recipes that were comfort foods to Valley folk.

Ably edited by Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Bragg, this book is a delightful read and a treasury of local lore brought together by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society and Augusta County Historical Society.