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Mosby Men II

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A collection of memorials, biographical sketches, articles, personal letters, photos and wartime reminiscences by and about men who rode with the 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry - Mosby's Rangers. 

Profiles included: Lawrence Stirling Alexander, Boswell Preston Anderson, William Henry Atwill, Fountain "Fount" Beattie, Charles E. Biedler, Stacy Budd Bispham, Walter "Wat" Bowie, William Gardner Brawner, Edward Bredell, Jr., William Throckmorton Brooke, William George Conrad, John H. Core, William Logan Dunn, John Gill, George Walker Gilmer, Robert Montgomery Harrover, Franklin Howard Kerfoot, Henry Cabell Maddux, Jr., Landon Randolph Mason, Richard Paul Montjoy, Joseph Henry Nelson, William Thomas Overby, Robert Blanks Parrott, Norman Vincent Randolph, Charles Broadway Rouss, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Stringfellow and Cornelius Clarkson Watts.