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Images of America: Luray and Page County

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Formed out of necessity in 1831, Page County had a great need to operate within its own boundaries of the Massanutten and Blue Ridge Mountains. A very unique situation arose when this rural area was coupled with the discovery in 1878 of something as spectacular as the Luray Caverns. Along with this new fame followed a large influx of tourists, industry, and varied commerce into the entire county from the lifeline created by the formation of the Shenandoah Valley Railroad in 1881. During the reconstruction years after the Civil War, and with the formation of "land and improvement" companies throughout the United States, Page County, along with the rest of the country, was booming. In fact, this unbridled growth was happening much too fast for this newly reformed country. This in turn brought about a severe recession in the 1890s that affected everyone, including the people of Page, no matter how secure they may have seemed with their new attraction. The culmination of these events initiated a quaint photographic history that is contained within the pages of Images of America: Luray and Page County.