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Grist Mill Quick Loaf Breads

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Grist Mill Quick Loaf Breads is an excellent overview of milling history, the milling process, and health information about whole grains. The author sings the praises of stone-ground whole grain flours, citing the fact that they have more flavor than “grocery store flour.” Mention of some specific mills is included in Grist Mill Quick Loaf Breads.

“Chunky Apple Bran Bread,” “‘How 'Bout a Date’ Bread,” “Better Boston Brown Bread,” and “Oat-Lemon Loaf” are a few of the recipes in this volume. (Oh, if the baker happens to have only “grocery store flour,” the baked breads will still be delicious, just a little less “good-earthy” flavored.) These 34 recipes are fun to make and soul-satisfying to eat.