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Food to Live For: We're Alive and Cooking

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Although a sequel has been contemplated since soon after Food to Die For came out in 2004, it has taken the better part of a decade to produce Food to Live For. Writer's block, cooker's block, grandchildren, various projects, family celebrations, and age have delayed this second book.

Offered here are more favorite recipes of friends and family who have generously shared them with me for this book. Most are delicious and easy and will soon be your favorites too. Although most of the major food groups are convered, none so well as chocolate!

There are probably too many chocolate desserts, but I wouldn't know which one to omit! Mary's Chocolate Cake, Joan Roberson's Delicious and Easy Brownies, Terry Tosh's Fudge, and Mimi's Chocolate Fudge Pie will all find a place in your chocolate repertoire.

There are also several patches of what Jane White calls "musings" scattered amongst the recipes, which you can read while Mary's Chocolate Cake is in the oven.

Alive and cooking,

Jessica Ward

For this cookbook Jessica Ward has gathered more recipes from people whose cooking she has enjoyed and admired. She loves cooking these foods and serving them to friends and family gathered 'round her table. Having grown old enough to offer her opinions about everything from bed making to leaf scoopers to anyone who will listen, she offers some of those views here. Stir in a grain of salt.