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Backroads 2: The Road to Chicken Holler

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Some writers help the rest of us realize the wonder that surrounds us. Lynn Coffey has that gift, and, once again, she looks down on the hills and valleys of our Blue Ridge Mountains and visits people whose lives otherwise might have gone unrecorded. - Earl Hamner, creator of The Waltons

Lynn Coffey is back with another remarkable journey into the lives of the good people of the Virginia Blue Ridge. In her first book, Backroads: Plain Folk and Simple Livin', she revealed the charm of the "old ways" as she told the stories of the residents in and around the little hamlet of Love, Virginia - her home.

The Backroads series is a compilation of the stories gathered and written for the newspaper Backroads, started by Lynn and her friend Bunny Stein. Over twenty-five years, Lynn made friends for a lifetime through her interviews with her neighbors; what has emerged is an authentic look into the Appalachian culture.

In her second volume, Backroads 2: The Road to Chicken Holler, we are once again taken back to this beautiful country setting, beginning with an interview with Doris Giannini Hamner, the real "Olivia" of the popular TV series The Waltons. From there, it's on to river baptizing, pickling beets, midwives and home births, bear hunting, mountain music, and those wonderful recipes. Oh, and don't forget Maude and Lertie! Each story is enhanced with photos of family members (old and new), craftwork, and local scenery.

No one tells the story of the Blue Ridge with such heart, warmth, and respect as Lynn Coffey because this is her life and these are her people.