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Amish Mennonites in Germany

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The author dedicated much of his time in retirement to this project, going from estate to estate and from one archive to another to piece together the curious and complicated mosaic of Amish history and family relationships. Amish Mennonites in Germany: Their Congregations, The Estates Where They Lived, Their Families is a volume concerning the people and places that have been a part of the Amish story in Alsace, Lorraine, Baden, and Hesse. While some of the material comes from a knowledge of printed studies, most of it is a result of combing various archives of the author's home area for pieces of information which he assembled into the stories of various Amish congregations, past and present. Not only official government documents have been used, but many accounts, letters, and family reports have also been woven into the work to enhance its historical flow.

With glossary and extensive index.