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Abstracts of Executor, Administrator, and Guardian Bonds of Rockingham County, VA 1778-1864

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It is the purpose of this book to fill in the missing portions of the estates recorded in Rockingham County between 1778 thru 1864. In 1787 the Rockingham County Courthouse was partially burned destroying many of the wills and estates recorded there. Disaster again struck in June of 1864 when records were loaded on a wagon to be taken to a place of safety. Later the wago itself was set on fire along the road. Many of the important documents it carried, however, were saved by the quick action of Mrs. Mary Nicholas Keezel who lived nearby in Grottoes.

The Executor, Administrator, and Guardian Bonds from 1778 thru 1864 which are here abstracted, are in shuch condition that they cannot be handled by the general public. The information contained herin was abstracted originally through genealogical research. Additional information probably will be found in the Minute Books of the County.