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A Tribute to Oma Wenger Bowman (and her Valley Wenger Ancestors)

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Joseph and Barbara Huber Wenger left the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania in 1785, traveling to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In doing so they established what to this day is a very strong Wenger presence in the Valley. One of those Wengers was the author's mother, Oma Frances Wenger. This book highlights her lineage from Joseph through Benjamin, Ephraim, Peter, and D.P. Wenger, with a focus in the last chapters on Oma and her immediate family. Every family is a story waiting to be told. And every storyteller has a different story about the same family. This is the author's story as a tribute to his mother and their shared Wenger ancestry. All descendants of Joseph Wenger and his wives Barbara Huber and Anna Hockman will find a connection to their own ancestry.

With images and index.