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A Mennonite Journal 1862-1865

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A Mennonite Journal is the unique story of Civil War home-front life recorded by Jacob R. Hildebrand, a devout father, faithful Mennonite, and successful farmer. It provides insight into his political activities, support of the Southern cause, and the military service of his three sons, not all fully consistent with Mennonite beliefs.

The Journal describes Augusta County's contribution of men and supplies to three Virginia regiments - the 5th and 52nd Infantry and the 1st Cavalry: it includes Jacob's observations of Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign, the 1864 raids by Hunter and Sheridan, the Battle of Piedmont and the death of General W.E. "Grumble" Jones in June of 1864 and the March 1865 Battle of Waynesboro, which marked the end of Jubal Early's military career and the last major battle in the Valley.

The Journal also describes the war's many impacts on families in the Augusta County farming community just north of Staunton and Waynesboro, Virginia.