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"Until Seperated by Death"

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Lives and Civil War Letters of Jessie Rolston, Jr. and Mary Catherine Cromer.  Jesse was an ordinary Shenandoah Valley farmer of Scotch-Irish descent who got caught up in a power struggle between the northern and sourthern states of America.  Jessie was 37 years of age when he was recrutied, married to Mary Catharine Cromer, father of five, and general farmer from near Mt. Solon in Augusta County, Virginia.  He and Mary Catharine grew up near the headwaters of Linville Creek which is just several niles northwest of the Harrisonburg City limits.  Most of Jesse's letters are directed to his wife.  Other letters herein transcribed are from family and friends of the Linville area of Rockingham to Augusta County, and included are some other letters of interest.  These letters from the women (mostly) give a unifque perspective of life on the homefront during the war.

The letters of this text were rescued from fire my the author's husband and allow the reader to experience the full impact of the war.  Genealogical information is provided.