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"Hessian John" - Baker Family: First Four Generations

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"Hessian John" Baker (born about 1765, died about 1822) was a familiar name in Brocks Gap for generations. In the early 1800s, he and his family joined other Loudoun County, Virginia, families like the Fawleys, Souders, and Smiths, moving to the Brocks Gap area of Rockingham County, Virginia. His children married into the Fulk, Ritchie, Turner, Snyder, and Zirkle families, and many of this descendants still live in Rockingham County.

This book gives as much information as possible about Hessian John Baker's life, including the names of his two wives. His children have separate chapters with information about their lives and families. Each line was carried out at least four generations. The oldest son, Philip Baker, married Elizabeth Fulk. Since their family has never been recorded in a Brocks Gap family book, their line is carried out to the present generation whenever possible. Many photographs and documents included here were shared during a Brocks Gap Heritage Day, an annual celebration of Brocks Gap families since 1991. With index.